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'This is so you can always find your way home,' said Pierre, gently fastening it around her neck.

Tate spent the morning of Christmas Eve in the barn talking with Jacqueline the cow, who was very glad to see her friend again. After lunch, Pierre walked into Bric-à-Brac to get Tate a present - he knew exactly the thing. When he returned, he wrapped the box in shiny paper, and placed it on one of the lower Christmas tree branches.

That evening, Pierre and Tate sat by the fireplace once more. "I have something to show you," he said, taking a piece of paper from beside his chair. "This is a design for the label of our new cheese. What do you think of it?" Tate looked at the paper, and saw a picture of herself and Pierre, surrounded by the words 'Malheur du Chat' or 'Cat's Mishap.' She was delighted at this, and purred her approval. "I thought you might like it," said Pierre.

There was a light snowfall when Tate and Pierre walked to church for the midnight service. When they got home, Pierre looked over at the Christmas tree. "I do believe Santa Claus has left something for you, Tate." Tate's eyes lit up when she saw the small gold box hidden among the branches. Pierre unwrapped it for her, since cats have trouble with sticky tape. When he opened the lid, Tate saw a shiny silver pendant hanging from a slim black collar. It was engraved with the following:

My name is Tate
I live at Hillside Farm in Bric-à-Brac, Tel.

"This is so you can always find your way home," said Pierre, gently fastening it around her neck. Tate thought that Pierre must be the nicest farmer in all of Bric-à-Brac to give her such a lovely gift.