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I'd like to thank everyone who has been following along this year - I have really enjoyed returning to the world of Tate and Pierre after a two-year absence, and in such good company. Many thanks to those who got in touch via the guestbook - rest assured I do read all the entries and am very grateful for your comments. The new guestbook doesn't allow me to reply to individual entries as I have in the past, but it is always very good to hear from you. The "original" Tate is now 17 years old, and I was just with her in France. She provided a running commentary on household activities and especially the situation vis-a-vis Breakfast, Lunch and Where Is Dinner. Thank you Barbara for taking such good care of her royal highness.

In previous years I've suggested one or two charities in case you'd like to show your appreciation for the calendar by making a donation. This year, I'll leave the choice up to you - I'd be delighted to think that organizations helping people and animals in need might benefit.

I also want to say a *very* big thank you to all my translators, who have given so generously of their time and skill, on a very tight schedule and without seeing the pictures in advance. Some sent a few words and photos to introduce themselves, which you'll find on this page.

Finally, special thanks to Geoffrey, who faced the prospect of another chaotic December with great fortitude and good cheer. I hope it was a little less stressful than living in one room for 155 days during the renovations.

Until next year, wishing you a happy and safe holiday season and a bright 2010!

Very best from Penny

e-mail: penny at

Chinese translation: Rachel Starbuck and Hsu, Hsiu-hsia

Rachel and Hsiu-hsia write:

Hsu, Hsiu-hsia is a native Chinese speaker with a degree in English. Rachel Starbuck is a native English speaker with a degree in Chinese. We both live on the beautiful island of Taiwan, where we write, translate, teach, and learn. We love to explore and play in the places where languages meet -- languages as vast and strange as English and Chinese, or as close as your words and mine.

Dutch translation: Annelize Deane

Annelize writes:

I am an American/Dutch Southern Belle. I love to travel. I lived in good old England for a while... crossed the big pond and went to Canada. Winters were so cold there. So I decided to go south with the birds. Landed in Illinois, USA and that was not me. Now I am totally happy in Kentucky. Her rolling hills, blue grass, the creeks, horses and birds make me feel at home. Found my Love - who is calling me white woman occasionally -. He is Cherokee and French, hence the name of my blog:


French translation: Jean-François Marchet

Jean-François writes:

I first met Tate (and Penny) while my daughter Léa was young and liked to hear fairy tales before sleeping. Of course, she didn't speak english and I had to translate the story when we looked at the new picture every day. So, I suggest to make that for other french kids and Penny agreed. Today, Léa is studying in an art school in Paris and she draws for children too and she speaks a better English than me !
I live in Rochefort, in the south-west of France, along the Atlantic Coast. I'm 54 years old, I'm married and I've got a son Jérémie (24 yrs old) and a daughter, Léa (19 yrs old)
I'm interested by many things. One of my favourites are bandstands and I have build a website on the internet to tell about them :


Italian translation: Mirella Vogliardi

Mirella writes:

I was born in Milan 54 years ago and I work for a marketing research company. I'm a real pet lover and I have two kittens: Cindy and Bubu.

I like travelling and I love the U.S. A. where I usually spend my summer holidays. I have visited the U.S.A. 21 times so far and I hope to do so again in the future. I'm very proud to be the Italian translator for the nicest advent calendar in the world: "Tate", and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2010!


Portuguese translation: Bruno Silva Rodrigues

Bruno writes:

Arrived in the planet during the heat wave of the 70's (and still feels very warm inside), maybe that is why he prefers behold the sky laying down in white flakes rather then burning sand).
Writes bad short-stories, thus decided to translate the good ones. Nevertheless, someone said, makes wonderful vegetable soups. Animal lover, and so, so badly, that refuses to eat them.

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